Friday, March 19, 2010

Thrift Storage

I was recently on the hunt for a new stand for out tv. This hunt included two Petaluma thrift stores, RecycleTown, Cotati thrift was a very fun day! I didn't end up finding the stand that day, but did come across the St Vincent De Paul in Rohnert Park with a 50% off sale! As I wandered around all the fun lil' knick knacks, toting a basket full of artwork and gadgetry..I came upon a most lovely site! 41 spice bottles marked 5 cents a piece!!! I bought them all for 2 1/2 cents each!! Happy Dance!! I immediately got the itch to go home and organize and label!!

And coincidentaly, my favorite blogger Cathe Holden at Just something I Made, posted a few weeks ago a great post on glitter storage. I had some of the labels that she created and generously posted for her readers to use. I cut them out and got to labeling...:)

Much to my surprise, some of the bottles had shaker tops...this should be fun for big projects..:)

and voila...from this;

{these little pots are cute..o but the mess when you knock into them!}

to this;

On the shelf and ready to go!!


  1. Where can I find Recycle Town? I don't think I saw it on my thrift tour of Petaluma. It sounds fabulous. I love what you did with these jars. What an incredible steal. I'm going to add you to my Sonoma County blog list.

  2. Hi Apron Thrift Girl!!
    So glad you found this sorry to respond so late. Recycle Town is at the Sonoma County dump out on Meacham road. It's a fun pirate's treasure hunt of discarded goods! I'll bet you'll love it!!

    and thanks for the add!! Love your blog! Found you trough Cathe...

  3. Quite a lucky find! I like to see the glitter so frequently used in other craft posts- I'm inspired to use the ones I have on hand!