Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Stencil a T shirt Step by Step

Remember, these stencils are copyright and are for personal use only.

Here are the step by step pictures for making your own custom Stencil 1 t shirt.
Above are all of the supplies you'll need; A Stencil 1 Book; Stencil 101- full of totally rad stencil images, a color or two of Stencil 1 sprays..I'm using black and neon pink, a piece of cardboard or something absorbent to put inside the shirt, to protect the back from spray, an iron to heat set..and finally, a t shirt.

Before you start, be sure that the t shirt is 100% cotton and has been pre washed. This will make the inks last longer through wear and tear. Once the shirt is ready, slip a piece of cardboard inside. I forgot this part when I was taking the pictures and ended up with a shadow of a monkey on the backside of the tee..so don't forget the cardboard!

Lay the shirt flat with the side you want to spray facing up. These sprays dry pretty fast, so I don't usually tape down the stencil..but you can if you want to be sure it doesn't move in the process. You can also tape down some scratch paper along the outside of the stencil to protect the tee from overspray.. I love overspray, though! :)

Let the spraying begin! Try to hold the bottle upright and spray ahead of you, so the bottle won't get clogged up. And don't spray too much, as it will muddy the design. I would say, on average, a good 3-4 sprays on a large design should be plenty. You can always practice this on scratch paper or some old shirts..

This is after having sprayed the black..time to remove the stencil, carefully.

So, carefully lift the stencil and lay flat onto a piece of scratch paper. I like to keep a pad of paper or journal to catch all of the extra ink...it makes for great background paper later.

Voila..one pink earred, blushing chimp! Time to heat set..

To catch some of the extra ink that sits up on top of the fabric, iron with some sort of blotter..an extra piece of fabric, a piece of scratch paper. This iron is on a very low setting, no steam. We're trying to dry the ink, so we don't need any extra moisture. This part takes about a count of 15, moving the iron slowly back and forth.

Remove the blotter piece and heat set directly, again a good count of 15 should set a large sized image. Of course, the more spray you use, the more time it will take to set. Once this image is fully dry..it's ready to wear!

The finished shirt! To take care of this shirt, wash in cold water with a mild detergent and line dry. For all of the stencils and materials seen here please visit Stencil1.com. For more projects and crafts visit rocknrollcrafts.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Craftzine Blog

yowzers! I just found out that over the Craftzine blog, they have started highlighting some of the makers from the this years Makers Faire..Would you believe they started with me?!? A big huge thank you to them! and a big huge thank you to the Crafty Chica for putting it on facebook..so that I could find it!! Remember Makers Faire May 30-31...hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Changes and excitement

all has been quiet on this western front..but only for the time being...big changes and lots of excitement are headed this way! I have my head buried in merch for my upcoming shows;

The Handmade Parade

The Maker Faire

and the Renegade Craft show..this is the poster for last year..the dates for this year are July 18th and 19th..I'll be posting some previews, hopefully, as the dates get closer! :) ..wish me luck! :)