Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Butter and Eggs Day 2010

Butter and Eggs Day is upon us again, in lil' ol' Petaluma! 

I'm so excited! I haven't been since mom and I closed our store. I grew up walking in and attending this hometown parade..and this year I'm selling stuff! I'll be in a booth with my Craft Mart friends:

Nicole of Vinyl Frontier/StitchCraft;

Jenny of BlockHeadPress;

I'm working on some new buttons...the above Eat More Eggs and Eat More Butter. I'm also making some t shirts;

We'll be in the parking lot at the Mail Depot, at 4th and C st..along with Heritage Homes, the Green String Band..and so much more!! 11-4! Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Happening

After a slow start, rocknrollcrafts is ready to hit the show circuit again! I'm working on a whole host of new thingys and whosies! 

The Conundrum

Our first stop will be the mail depot parking lot for the Butter & Eggs day parade!! I just finished a 
new Petaluma themed stencil;

'Eat More Eggs'

And Mom's been working on her WhoaBots...

check back for more dates and times as they get added!!