Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feature Feature

Visit Stencil 1's blog for an article I recently wrote about stenciling your own quilt!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Regular Programming

I had the chance last week to meet up with my dear friend Ed, from Stencil 1. As is his norm, we went for mexican food and, with my sister, got caught up on the last year. Oh how time flies!

I first contacted Ed back in 2008, wanting to use his stencils for my demo, when I worked for a local inkpad company. Luckily enough, we both were headed to Chicago that July, and this picture is of the first time we met in person; 

A lot for me has changed since then. This was the last time I had what many would call a regular..maybe day job? I hated the commute but I loved the creativity of the job. and so, I would like to start out this year of 2013 with a flashback to the purpose of this blog. DIY projects, how to's, and..look what I mades! So, stay tuned..projects are a coming! and thanks to everyone for holding my hand on this roller coaster. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

String Theory

Isn't it funny how a mundane task can turn you on your head? 

As I sat trying to unwind this massive knot of baker's twine, I started to contemplate my life in string. Where once it was wound nicely and neatly on a beautiful golden spool, it has now become a mess of knots and tangles. No easy fix, no cutting away the messy parts without touching the good parts too. And as I work out these tangles, I start to feel slow in the process and question all of the work it will take..yet I know that progress is progress. and if I keep working at it, I may find myself with a full golden spool. or not. 

Maybe I'll just enjoy the process.