Monday, September 27, 2010

Artists & Farmers

 If you're like me, you might have driven past Cornerstone a million times, always meaning to stop and continuing to drive on. I still haven't stopped..but I will be this sunday! October 3rd, I will be at the Artists & Farmers event at Cornerstone, from 11-4!

So lately I've been making personal fans from Vinyl Frontiers leftover album covers and a wee bit of sheet music. These go over pretty well in the sweltering heat..

While I won't have my sewing machine at the show, we will be making some pretty nice recycled, 
re-use, new purpose fans..

If you're in the area, join us from 11-4...besides myself, Melissa from Blue Ribbon Salvage wil be there, plus a nice grouping of local music and food!! mmmmm...can't wait!! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Take out the Ruler

and slap the back of my hands, bad, bad blogger! I've been away and gone and doing a million trazillion other things, that this where I let me creativity slip. Yeah, my sister got married and we all put together the most amazing day September has ever seen..and I've felt like I was in a daze of what to do next. First on that list..update the friggin' blog!! So much to share!!

I'll start with ALL of the great events coming up! I'm not doing this show, but a few of my friends are;

IndieMart..always good time to be found at Thee Parkside! and if you're there..stop by and say hi to Melissa from Blue Ribbon Salvage and Carrie from Moonpath Designs! (September 19th, 12-6)

I am gearing up for my next big show...the Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa!!

I'll be there with our selection of Snake Charmer hats, fans and other lovely little lady bits..Melissa will be there too!!

I won't be able to make out to this one..but if you're on the East Coast, I have three words for you;
Maker Faire New York
oops..four words.

In October, I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing..but I'll be at Artists and Farmers out at Cornerstone in Sonoma, ca...

It's a Project Here it will be awesome!!

and finally, but nowhere near lastly..our own homegrown Crafterino..the crazy crafters of Petaluma's one and only Whiskerino!! Beards, bears, battlestar gallactica. Need more?