Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello 2010!

Could it be? No...really? Am I actually blogging again? Sheesh..the pressure of taking 3 months off! I was starting to feel like I'd never blog again! So where have I been, you may ask? Well, I am now a mac..for starters. I've been getting used to a new's an oldie, but a goodie..but a little slow, so I've had to gather up my patience and work with it on it's terms. And then there is that general malaise that comes with the holidays and the start of a new year. I know, it's already March. Freaking March!
I haven't been idle whilst not fact, I've got so many new projects and pieces and stories to share!! I'm ready to go! So here's a little tid bit to get going...thanks for sticking around!! :)

 New up on etsy..ConunDrums..:) Miniature worlds on drum and barrel tops.


a picture of show I did a piece for at Heebe Jeebes in Downtown Petaluma..I'll post the close up pictures in a seperate post. Mine is the turquoise frame..

lucky in the sun...

cary and I goofing around...he's still loving his self stenciled t shirt!

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