Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Putians


I'm a pretty cheap date. Luckily for my husband. :) I've been staying away from ebay for years now...the tempatation is not so good for my weak wallet. Last week I just wanted to look around a little, see if there was anything miniature of interest. I found a listing with only 15 minutes left on it..and for 55 cents, I won 100 unpainted miniature figures!

So excited. 100 sounds like a lot...but they are soo tiny, it fit into a tiny ziplock bag. I have a whole set of Testors  model paints and planned on using those to 'dress' my little figures...but without the proper ventilation at 11 at night, I settled on this huge array of sharpie markers Ed gave me. and they work!! look for these little guys to be showing up on the ConunDrums!


1 comment:

  1. so cute...little are so funny!
    how fun painting those, how are your eyes? cant wait to see them on your final projects!!