Monday, June 18, 2012

Mori Mori

One of the things I absolutely love about my new job is the fashion. For years and years, I've been wanting to make my own clothes. Growing up a large child, being a large teenager and carrying that largess into my adulthood, I've always had a love hate relationship with my clothes. I have always felt like I dressed in what fit me, not neccessarily what I liked. I lamented this to my mother in law once and she said, well they have a plus size section at nordstroms. Except that I don't shop at Nordstroms. and I've never spent crazy money on clothing. Just the neccessities..and lots of hand me overs from my mama. So, I got by. I tried to coordinate well. Adding a little funk here and there with colored socks, or a funny t shirt or two. and I tried making clothes with patterns, only that made me really dislike sewing. So much so, I hid my sewing machine. and then the question became, what would I make? What is comfortable? What would I want to fill my closet with?

Well, many, many thanks to Charissa..for introducing me to Mori Girls and killing that fear monster that had taken over my sewing desires. 

This is a sample of a Mori Girl dress from Charissa's Curly-Cue Design shop. 

I have not been able to work on anything but clothes for the last two months. My entire closet has been ripped apart and slowly being sewn back together. 

These are the first three dress/tunics I've made, all from my closest and a few trips to the goodwill. I wear the grey one all of the time. 

This one I made from an old dress and an old tank top, that showed wayyyy too much booby, and some fun hearts fabric I found at a hospice thrift shop. I would wear this one every day, if I weren't such a messy eater. hee he

So a little bit about Mori Girls; Mori is Japanese for forest. So imagine you've fallen asleep in the middle of the forest and while you were dreaming, the whole world as you know it fell apart. The stores, the factories, every little bit of convenience that we've becomed accustomed to has ceased to exist. What would you cover yourself with? What would you wear? The idea is that you would have to cobble together whatever you could find. And that's where Mori girl fashion comes in. A loose, second hand, layered look, taking advantage of all materials that are available to you and are still comforting and comfortable.

I take this to mean, that I will transform my wardrobe to reflect what I already own, what I scrounge and what I love. Everything is comfort first. Google mori girl fashion to find out more about it's japanese sub culture and origins. and check out my pinterest board; Mori Mori. 

Are you a Mori Girl?

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  1. awesome! i love what you've done so far...meaning everything! it is SO fun to watch you re-blossom into your own clothes...SO FUN i tell you. shine on, star!