Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gabby La La Handmade on Etsy!

It's official!! You can now find all of the meeptastical merchandise that I have been making for the one and only Gabby La La!! I've been having an out of body experience, selling merchandise for Gabby at her local shows. It's so much fun!! and I just love her and her music, so it's just a big old love fest all around! and it inspires all sorts of little trinkets and treasures, handcrafted just for her. 

well..I don't make everything..Gabby made these Amazing Magic Pencils!

and while I'm here and talking La La, if you haven't watched her video..give it a try! :)..because, 
La La = Happy. 


  1. Hi Rain!! Hope to see you at a show sometime!! Where are you these days?

  2. Hi there, just a quick note to let you know that this girl needs to concentrate on spreading her videos to Japan--big time! I am an American by birth but I spend a good part of my life in Japan. I know what the culture tends to gravitate to--this would be something that the majority of high school girls (known simply as "school girls") would like. Push her videos that way, if things go well I hope that a producer from Japan would contact and arrange to bring her over to see where things could go. Good luck, this is something that you should pursue!