Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Empty Vee

I'm starting another blog. I was reminiscing about the days when MTV showed music videos and how exciting it was. So, I'm starting a blog that is all music videos all day all the time. Today is the first day of posting and the theme is favorite female videos!! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. you have such great taste in music, i will be checking daily!!!

  2. hey elaine,

    i always think of that mtv commercial in the 80's where the grim reaper knocks on that guy's door and he asks if death can wait till his program is over, i.e. credits roll.

    that guy's totally dead now. with all these mtv reality shows, the credits rolled long ago. mtv's programming killed him. ;)


    p.s. i also list a few videos that catch my eye here: www.rockoutpress.blogspot.com

  3. MTV killed the video star!! :) Thanks for stopping by..I'll check your blog out fer sure!!