Friday, October 15, 2010

Show, show, shows

This has been the year of shows, shows, shows...I didn't do as a great a job as last year with remembering to bring and use my camera. Which was always a heartbreaker, as there was some great eye candy this summer..

Whiskerino-Just this past weekend, in coordination and cooperation with Petaluma's own Whiskerino, I had a booth at Crafterino. picture spidey sense was lacking, but luckily both Nicole from Vinyl Frontier and Polly of Pollyana Cowgirl got some good snaps..and Polly blogged about it on Readymade.

Kristine and I just couldn't be left out of the hairy lip brigade..we went felt. 

Current offerings from rocknrollcrafts...hats, jewelry, vintage wares and og artwork...

all told, a most loverly day in the park...ahhh..

Artists & Farmers-This was such a great, great, great day!! Artists, farmers and lovers of life all gathered at Cornerstone in Sonoma and shared a beautiful sunday...of course, forgot my camera, but look at these lovelies from Paige Green Photography...

I had a table full of papers, pens, stencils and glue sticks..we leisurely made fans, to cool us..

Dave Best, art car artist, had a plastic cow for all the little magpies to glue shiny things to..

Of course, great music from Arann Harris..even the little lamb was grooving..

a fun time for the whole family...and a big Thank You to Tyler and Kelly from Project Here!!

Handcar Regatta- Talk about Eye Candy!! Holy cow..was there ever a spectacle to look at!! I once again, say it with me, forgot my camera!! aargh..but google search Handcar Regatta and you'll be entertained for hours!! 

I just couldn't get over this beautiful headress...stunning.

just on the corner of where our booth was, a live cuckoo clock. right on time.

The only picture Melissa and/or I got of our booth..this dapper couple were so funny!! 

IndieMarts..there were two, and now I can't remember which was which. but the show at Thee Parkside is always a fun way to spend a day in San Francisco..

My hats and glittery hoops..

Snake Charm Haberdashery is a little line extension from Kristine and I. We had so much fun making hats for the Lagunitas Beer Circus, we decided to make some more to's fun. Lots and lots of feathers and ribbons..more to come on that soon..

a newer project of mine..hand drawn characters on sheet music, decoupaged to plaques for display. 

love this's the shadows of the heads that Melissa uses for her Blue Ribbon Salvage necklaces..

Here Melissa and I entered a Project Runway type Diy competition..20 minutes to make anything with the random stuff in a bag. So random..yet I got the bag with Stencil 1 stencils in it...serendipitous..

We didn't win the grand prize..but, you know, I still love me some crafting competition!!

RiverTown Revival- This one goes back to the beginning of summer..and what a spectacle as well..a little like Handcar, only with the River as it's focus. If you aren't from Petaluma, you won't get the subtle irony of celebrating the river..which is actually a slough. But heck, we had crafts, bands, beers and robots destroying stuff. It was a good day. And thankfully Fred at the Unneccessary Umlaut got some good pictures...

Tim McSweeney with the ultimate thumbs up..

The lovely Melissa and her Dangerous Parts for the Arts.

One of the many costumed that she's on her cellphone!!

My one and only picture  of my stuff from the a hand stenciled t shirt of the train station, with a nice dollop of beer down the front..:)

Stay tuned for the winter shows...hopefully I'll remember my camera!!

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