Monday, May 3, 2010

Sure Rite!

This past weekend, my friends Melissa and Kristine and I decided we needed a bit of fresh air and foraging. We found ourselves losing some time at the flea market...looking for nothing in particular, but loving the treasures we happened upon. It was almost time to go, as in "I'm hot and hungry and already scored", and we were at the last row of tables when my hand landed upon this neat old shipping box.

I looked down and saw the nameplate on this silver machine, reading Sure Rite Duplicating Machine from Amercian Stencil MFG. Stencil? Must have. I paid what I had left in my pocket and got the whole box. 

All of the parts are there, including the stylus in it's original plastic tube packaging. There are two bottles of bad ink, a used paintbrush, some stencil blanks and the original Instructions, which made me laugh out loud!

This is the first page of instruction and it basically tells you that if this machine isn't working's your fault. ;}

and apparantly when using the original stencil blanks, you have to breathe fire to get them to work?

I'm not sure that I'll get this to work the way it was intended, which was for printing government postcards, so says the manual...but I'm itching to play and figure out how it can work for me. and for fun, check out this website of old office supplies...