Friday, May 21, 2010

A Year Long Makeover

I've been trying and trying to not only clean my craft office, but to also define what it is I like to actually work on. Having been in employ with various craft companies, I've always had my job define my projects. Not that I don't love to rubber stamp cards, stencil clothing or make miniatures, I've been wanting to use this time to also figure out what I really enjoy making. And going through my stuff piece by piece has been helping me do that. I'm "throwing" out old artwork and samples, or actually just boxing them up and putting them in my barn. I think I need room for new creativity...So these pictures are a part of that process. Above is a shelf unit I've had, which has always housed things in transit. Artwork for sale, thrift finds just coming into the house..the like. Here's a picture of the cleaning after 2 months...

almost there..but still too many old canvases ad empty boxes..

found this crazy microscope kit from the 60's or 70' the shelving inside..for holding slides. But I'll be using it to hold my Conundrums...

the current top shelf, showcasing minis, dioramas, an occasional drawing or painting..and some hats. 

Love this jar, found it at the goodwill..this whole shelf is jars of things. Mushrooms, clips, plastic pendants, stuff and things and more stuff..

This is the shelf now..I just put the cigar boxes there. Loved the post from Cathe Holden, of course, on cigar box storage..I'll be labeling them next. 

next up..the other side of the room...


  1. Ilove looking at studios! I am still working on mine! I know the feeling tho of trying to decide what you really love to do - still experimenting!

  2. Hi Beverly..thanks for stopping by! It's surely a labour of love...