Friday, August 3, 2012


"I want to buy you something, but I don't have any money, have any money"

This song has been my go to mantra when the money woes really get me down. Like today. My husband and I have this rotating fight that usually happens the day or two after he's gotten paid. Today's version was exquisitely painful. I haven't worked regularly , full time, in almost ten years. I've spent the majority of this time with part time jobs, freelance jobs, working craft fairs, trying to sell things I make..working in a hot dog stand. I really feel like I'm trying. I also feel like an idiot. and today's argument crossed the "well I make all the money, so I get all the say" lines. and I couldn't take it. I said, "Just because I'm not bringing money in doesn't mean I don't have an opinion". Crash boom bang, he leaves early for work and I get to stay home and wallow. 

I'm not entirely opposed to getting a 'real' job..but what exactly am I quailified for? I spent nearly 12 years working in the craft industry, being the crazy creative person that I learned I am. How do I translate that into an office job? I don't get very many call backs. and yet I'm still told that I don't even try to get a job. I know my husband and I have very different philosophies on a lot of things..but we just can get to an even ground on this. It's driving us both nuts. 

Anybody out there have this problem? How do you stay sane?


  1. Elaine, I totally understand your woes... I'm in the same boat!
    I'm the worst friend to have on Facebook (never check my account) but I happened to visit it today and saw your posting. It's been ages since we talked. Please, please, PLEASE contact me soon. Would love to catch up, brainstorm, etc. etc.

    Hang in there!

  2. Hey Stephanie! Thank you for the message!! I sure was in a funk this day, sometimes the weight is more than I can bare alone. I love that this blog gives me an outlet. :) I would love to catch up, let's talk!

    ;) e