Monday, April 2, 2012

No Angel Like Snow Angel

While I have a working camera, thought I'd catch up on the things I've been making/doing laterly. 
Including these hand stamped/stenciled posters for Snow Angel, Gabby La La's newest incarnation.

Yes! I stamped and embossed..with neon powders! I did, of course, manage to burn myself with my heat tool, but that is to be expected. So out of practice I am.

I had fun with this version, done with Stencil 1's what I thought was a faux 3-D, but thanks to Gabby super fan, Joe!, we discovered they really are 3d! You need the red/blue 3d glasses..and it makes you feel Drunk! Weeeeeeeee!! I've done this one on t-shirts as well..more coming soon!

and for a Snow Angel music fix, check out their cover of Lykke Li's Love Out of's beautiful!

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