Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goo Goo for Goyte

Oh, what does one blog when one has not blogged in so very, very long? How about a current obsession. I mean obsession. I saw comments posted here and there about 'Somebody I Used to Know' by Goyte. Once the fervor calmed down a bit, I checked it out and now can't stop listening/singing it. The melody is beautiful, the lyrics are haunting and the video brings it all together. I've seen most versions and remakes of this song, but the original is truly the original.

I liked this cover too..for a while. But I went back to Goyte, I missed him.

Goyte and Kimbra live..I also love her.

and then I started listening to his other songs...



  1. Wow, I had deja vu reading your post. You have just described my past week, even down to the order in which I discovered the other covers and his work.

    1. Creepy fun!!Like surfing a wavelength! :)

  2. yay you're back! great post too!!! thank the heevans for gotye.

  3. yay you're back! great post too, i am so happy gotye exists;-)