Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oliver's Jacket

I love Project Runway. It's a great combination of competition, creativity and tv. 
This year seems to be a little bit yawn worthy..

Most of the designers seem to be a lot better at talking about how great they are, without really showing it. My early on favorite was Oliver, just because he seemed kind of weird. I loved his fauxopean accent and asymetric haircut. Then came all the fat bashing. Maybe it was just because he's so young and inexperienced, but he seemed to go into panic anytime he had to design for something other than the mannequin. 

So, one night the hubs and I came up with this little ditty..just for Oliver. 
It's called Oliver's Jacket.

"There are other people in Designer Clothes
Like Oliver's Jacket
I don't know what is a double d
Won't somebody explain to me

I cannot make you designer clothes
Like Oliver's Jacket

You hurt my eyes
With your plus size
and your thunder thighs 
oh I so despise

Oh why must I design
with my desperate cries
a double wide
Oliver's Jacket?"


  1. Hi Tracy! Thank you for the comment and for finding your way here! I need to get back to blogging in the worst way!!