Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ira Glass On Storytelling

Ira Glass on Storytelling. On being Creative. On not feeling pressured. I had this thought the other day, Why haven't I figured this out yet? So many people around me seem, key word, seem to have it together. They know what they want and they go full steam ahead. and then I thought..well who am I to think that I would have it figured out? and why? I have an aunt who is an oil painter, among other things, and she does the most beautiful work. What I love to look at most of all, though, are her half dones. Her never finishes. Her final product is always so beautiful and for me, intimidating, but when I see she has struggle, it calms me. I realized not too long ago that nearly the first of everything that I make is crap. But if I can make it thorugh the crap, I eventually get to the heart of the work and it becomes beautiful. I've been wanting for the past few years to start writing skits and little video bits for fun. I haven't put any time into this because, I think, I'm scared. What if this thing I've been wanting to do for so long, I totally suck at? Well, guess what..I am going to suck at begin with. Thank you Ira for reminding me of that.


  1. Elaine, It never fails, our initial vision for a project never materializes. It changes and transforms into the final result. Embrace the challenge and leave the fear behind. Your work is amazing! Keep at it and any new thing you work at will be amazing, too!

    Hugs, Diane M

  2. Oh Diane! Thank you so much!!!

    The creative life can sure have it's challenges, but I don't think I'd want it any other way!

    xoxo, e