Friday, April 8, 2011

Past Inspiration

While it's no secret that I've been quiet, contemplative, a little down and searching. I've shied away from sources of inspiration, not wanting to be distracted or overwhelmed. It hasn't really helped. The picture above reminds me of my youth, in our house on the eastside of town, how the sun would glow through my window at dusk. It came to me when this song played on pandora; 


and the childhood memories came flooding back and it felt good. I began to look for more things that would bring me back to that place. That place where I was so ready to take on the world, leave my mark and enjoy life. I have a lot of time to spend on my computer, while job hunting and resume perfecting..and so the search has begun for all these little tidbits that are helping me feel like me again. This one almost knocked me out of my chair;

This one I found while trolling for Pinterest. 
A website that lets you 'pin' things to it's virtual boards..I'm loving ALL THE COOL STUFF! 

and of course, if I'm talking about inspiration..I have to give shouts out to my friends and family. The ones who have put up with my wierdness, my me-ness. and a Special shout out and a huge Huzzah to Melissa Abercrombie! She was recently interviewed and featured on the Craft blog;
I have had the great honor of getting to know Melissa, having done a few dozen shows with her over the past few years. This right here is a genuine person. She is awesome and so is her work!! 
Thank you for the inspiration Mel!!

 {If you would create something, you must be something. }


  1. jenny elwick ruetherApril 8, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    beautiful post elaine:-) i second that!

  2. Love this entry and now have to go see what the one photo of fashion drawing is all about. I love it before I even know it! I amso trying to do the wiki blog entry but as usual am stumped when it gets to the part where I actually have to enter info. Gulp I can be so lame with technology, but just give me a needle and thread...

  3. Thank you Mary!! The Fashion Plates were hands down one of my favorite toys when I was a youngin'. I know we only use a small percentage of our brains, but I'm always surprised when things like this trigger memories, buried deep. :)
    and I'd rather see you do wonders with a threaded needle..than a loaded keyboard! :)