Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm on my Favorite Blog

So the Renegade Craft show was a Blast!! So many creative vendors, happy shoppers..treats and goodies to be seen everywhere! On saturday I had been showing my sister some cool posters from Seattle Show Posters, when my mom came into the booth to say there was somebody buying one of my canvases and that they wanted to meet me. So..without hesitation, I went straight back to my booth..and imagine my surprise when the customer turned out to be the lovely Cathe Holden, author of my favorite blog; Just Something I Made. It was like a Michael Jackson meeting Marlon Brando moment..I love your work, no I love Your was great!! She thanked me in her write up for making her feel like a rock star..which she is! If you haven't checked out her blog..don't wait any longer! She always has great, useful projects with step by step intructions! Plus..she is a fellow Petaluman. Love her. The picture above is from her blog...doesn't the shelf with my Bodega canvas look great!? I'll be posting more this week of some of the goodies I picked up at the show..and I'll be updating my calender with next shows in the, next is another Mini maker faire at Copperfields on August 1st!

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