Monday, June 22, 2009

Pillow was the Case that they gave me..

I posted this on Stencil1blog late last week. This has been my current craft obsession..patches and Pillowcase bags. I love thrift stores..not just for the pricing, but, honestly..where else would you find a clean, soft and lovingly used pillowcase from the 70's..for a dollar? Ok..the pricing probably is my favorite part. grin. :)

Once those pillocases come home..I can hardly use more than two at a what to do? Well, I've been sewing them into bags! I cut the pillowcase in half and then close the bottoms, hem one of the tops and then sew one of them into the other..kind of doubling up the case. Add straps and you have a bag..but let's not stop there. I have also been going crazy with canvas patches. By spraying a nice piece of canvas fabric with a background color, heat set, spray stencil image, heat set and cut out. Now you have a patch that is ready to be sewn onto just about anything!!

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