Monday, June 30, 2008

Craftaluma..What a Show!

So, pheww...what a show! For the record, this was my first big Rock n Roll Crafts show. I did a lot of prep to get ready..can you believe I threw my shoulder out stenciling? Yeah, that much stenciling...;0 Of course, totally worth it as I was pretty happy with how my table looked..not to say that I don't already have like 10 other projects I already want to get started on..

Here is the PCM table..two of the elusive members are hiding behidn the red flowers..Cheryl, I can see you hiding..;)

This is some of the relative calm, as the vendors were still setting up.

and here is some of the storm as the doors opened. You might notice that white goody bag the woman in the green is toting..we gave those out to the first 50 people in line..those bags went f.a.s.t.!

Here's Alison "the Needle", showing off her goods..the embroidery to her right..and some of Moxieville's cool kitchen towels..

This is Tami and her sister..and some of her too cute plushies!
I know, I didn't get enough pictures..I did get some video of the Bluebellies..they Rock! I just want to say that Craftaluma was AWESOME! All of the Vendors were so nice and sooooo creative. Let's see..Knitted neck ties, Miniature Dromedary's, custom screen print tshirts, owls and owls on everything, unpaper, plushrooms..I was in awe..and the energy of the crowd and the grooving tunes from Jeff Toriano and then The truly was a show of crafts, curiousties and wonderment! A big huge, gigantor THANK YOU to Cheryl, Tami and the Craft Mafia! ...I can't wait for the next one..I'll let you know when..
In the sure to check back as I start to post my goods for sale!

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a great time but not without a lot of work. Your table looks wonderful! I thought I saw Paolo up in the left hand corner. I hope the show was a success for you!